Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm back!!!
Did you miss me?

Just kidding.
But seriously, thank you all for holding on during my unintentional hiatus.
Long story short: When I moved to my new salon, I took on another day at work. Previously, I was working 3 days a week. Now, I work 4 (and sometimes 5).
And let me tell you, my routine's all went to hell!
I thought "what's one day? I'll still be able to get things done." 
It's been 2 1/2 months now and I still just can't seem to find my balance.
While I LOVE my new salon, finding the time to cook, clean, work and blog on top of errands and laundry has not been easy.
I know all you working mom's can relate.
How do you get it all done?


This last weekend was Memorial Day and we took a (kind-of last minute) trip to my family's lake cabin on Flathead Lake in Montana.

We weren't originally going to go anywhere, but I'd been pretty stressed lately and just wanted to get the heck out of town.
Plus, We're going back for the week of the 4th of July and we're expecting A LOT of family, so I wanted a test-run to see how Calvin would sleep in the unfamiliar place.

We just put him on a twin mattress on the floor of the bedroom we slept in. We brought his sound machine and a small fan to buffer any other noises. It worked great! He slept like a rock and this is how he ended up in the morning.

My Dad, Step Mom, and Step Sister's came too.

We mostly just relaxed. The weather was shockingly nice for so early in the season, and while the water was still low it was just a crystal clear as usual.

Calvin had a fever the whole weekend and I knew he was trying to push through those lower cuspid's.
We knew he was really out of sorts when he fell asleep on Tristan's lap in front of the fire.
He would NEVER do that under any normal circumstances. 

Monday morning he woke up practically on fire. He was really thirsty, lethargic, he had a red bumpy rash on this upper thighs and arms and did not want to be put down. 
Of course I panicked, started packing up everything and was ready to throw him in the car, take off and get him home...
But, after a dose of Advil and some pancakes he was feeling much better. His temperature came down and the rash, which I think was just heat rash from being so warm, started to recede.
We still left a few hours earlier then I had originally planned but it worked out. 
He slept almost the entire way home (3 1/2 hours) so he obviously needed some extra rest.

He's been kind of grumpy ever since.
Both teeth are showing, but those canine's are a total bitch and take their dear-sweet time coming all the way in.
I feel like if I could get some real food in to his belly he'd feel better, but he straight-up refuses.
During lunch today he had a frickin melt-down because the noodles wouldn't stay on his fork.
Normally, if this was a problem he'd just pick them up with his fingers instead... not today.
So I put him down for a (much needed) nap and baked a couple loaves of lemon pound cake to calm down. 
Baking while frustrated... I have become my mother.

Cross your fingers he wakes up in a better mood.
(for the sake of us both!)