Wednesday, August 28, 2013

11 Months!

Calvin is 11 Months old today!
I'm honestly in disbelief.
He's changed so much this last month, physically and developmentally.
He just cut his 5th tooth on Sunday. I seriously feel like this kid has been constantly teething for the last 5 months and I know we've got another whole year to go (at least)! Blah!
He's standing on his own (sometimes) although he hasn't been quite brave enough to take those first steps yet. I have a feeling he's not even going to walk, he's just going to take off at a full run and then I'm screwed.
I usually make Calvin's food but we just discovered that he LOVES sucking the food out of pouches. So I got some reusable ones to put homemade food in and I'm going to give those a try.

He also absolutely insists on feeding himself and he knows which books he likes and must
turn the pages when we read to him. He dances and sometimes sings along (in baby gibberish) when he likes a song, and he will let you know if he doesn't approve of the music in the car.
And if he's not being too busy (which is rare) he'll even give you kisses if you ask. Which means he'll lean into your face with his mouth wide open. It's pretty slobbery but just so damn cute.

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