Thursday, December 5, 2013

1 Year Old Gift Guide

One is a really hard age to shop for.
He's not a baby, but he's not ready for a lot of kid's toys yet.

This is what's on Calvin's wish list this year.
1. Snow suit: It snows where we live. We have nice snow boots for the kiddo, but a snow suit is still on the wish list. 
2. Duplos: My husband wanders into the lego aisle anytime we're near a toy section. He can't wait until Calvin is old enough to clutter our living room in tiny plastic bricks, but his little hands aren't quite ready for the real deal yet. Duplos are AWESOME and this set is perfect for kids his age.
3. Disney / Pixar CARS : Calvin has one hotwheel car that he covets. But a lot of the new hotwheels have tiny spoilers and windshields that can come off. These cars are great because they're just a bit bigger and the familiar characters are so fun.
4. Long Sleeve Tees: It get cold here so long sleeve tees are perfect for the active toddler. We are currently rotating 4 or 5 so he really needs a few more.
5. Hideaway Five Panel Teepee : I already showed you guys that we got this for Calvin as his big gift from Santa. I am dying to give it to him. It's such a perfect present for this age and it's something he'll be able to enjoy for years and years.
 6. Soccer Ball: The simplest gifts are always the best. Never underestimate the hours of joy something like a soccer ball can bring to a child of any age.
7. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way : In my opinion, a house can never have too many books. Calvin got the original Little Blue Truck book for his birthday and it's his absolute favorite book (and that's saying something!) so I know he will adore the second one.
8. Halo Sleep Sacks: I LOVE these so much! Calvin sleeps so much better snuggled in a sleep sack and I don't have to worry about how much he thrashes and wiggles in his sleep, I know he can't wrap it around his head or get tangled in it. They're also perfect for regulating their body temperature, we use the fleece sleepsack with cotton jammies and cotton sleepsacks with fleece jammies.
We are down to only one that is big enough for him so we are definitely hoping for a couple larger ones.

I hope that helped give bit of inspiration to those of you with young kiddos to shop for this year.
If there's anything crucial I'm missing, or if you have a great idea, let me know!

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