Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Week

Things have been a little different this week at our house.
My mom and I left the boys to fend for themselves and took off last Saturday for a super quick trip to Seattle, and more importantly IKEA!

We walked down to the market, grabbed lunch did a little shopping (and a lot of people watching) then we hopped over to Kent for a visit with my Uncle and Aunt and one of my cousins.
It was so great to see them!
We spent the night at a hotel, grabbed breakfast and hit IKEA.
I think we were there for two and a half hours.
I needed 2 dressers and there was no shortage of amazing products to Ooh and Aaah over.
They were "over sold" on the dressers I originally wanted so I got some even bigger ones and will just have to find some nice handles to put on the drawers.
Once we payed and packed up the rig we hit the road home.
I was gone for 35 hours and I honestly don't think Calvin even noticed.

Monday was Tristan's turn to leave. He headed to the airport straight from work for a business trip to Oregon. I am anxiously awaiting his return late tonight.
Calvin, however, wont get to see him until tomorrow evening after he gets home from work.
Although we've missed daddy (and facetime is a God Send), we managed to keep super busy to pass the time:

Monday we went to the park with a couple of friends and our dogs.
Tuesday I worked late, so Calvin hung out with Grammy.
And yesterday my Sister, Brother-in-law and Step mom came over so I could take some pictures for them...
Looks like we have a niece on the way!

Calvin had fun running around the yard with Uncle Mike.

And today was my Niece Bella's last day of school so Calvin and I picked her up and we grabbed lunch and hung out for a few hours.
He loves his cousin "Weh-wa"

And in my "free-time"... HA! I've even managed to assemble one of the dressers all by myself!
(that smudge on the bottom drawer was just from the camera)
I had a moment of panic when I thought I was missing a piece, but was able to find it amongst the packing materials strewn about the basement.

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