Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our Favorite Books Right Now - 1-2 Years Old

I know I've mentioned about a billion times how much Calvin likes to read.
We've spent hours and hours and hours (at Calvin's request) reading every book he can get his hands on.

We've amassed quite an impressive collection of books for him.
Our favorites tend to be board books with a good story.
Books with only 3 or 4 words per page just don't cut it anymore.

I LOVE when I can find classics I remember from my childhood in board book form.
Being able to share these stories is so special and the board books keep Calvin from ripping the pages as he enthusiastically turns them.
Or when he decides he needs to stand on them...

These are some of Calvin's favorites that we end up reading over and over again.
He knows them by name and will look for them specifically on his book shelf.

Caroline Jayne Church books
Mr. Men and Little Miss books

*Groupon has a bundle of new Mr. Men and Little Miss books written by Roger Hardgreave's son. I've gotten 2 sets of them so far. They're not board books, and they're VERY British as they include lifts, zebra crossings and queues, but you can't argue with the price.

I hope you guys look into these books and enjoy them as much as we do.
What books do the kids in your life love?
I'm always looking for suggestions.

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