Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8 Months

As I write this I have a very grumpy 8 month old who is vehemently refusing to nap. To much to do, to much to see, napping is not an option right now. *sigh*

Calvin is usually a very happy baby, but he's getting old enough to decide what he wants to do and what he will refuse to cooperate with. Which does create some frustration. 

One of his favorite things is swimming. Tristan takes him to the YMCA on Saturdays for the "Shrimp and Kippers" swim lessons. I originally thought it was ridiculous to put a baby in swim lessons, however, I'm not the best judge considering I am not what you would call a "strong swimmer" myself. So I gave in and I'm so glad. They get some father-son time, they play in the water with other babies and sing songs with "swimming motions". They both just love it. It's a great way to get kids comfortable in and around the water, and from what I hear it's pretty freaking adorable.
I took 40 pictures and this was the best and least blurry...

I'm still kind of in denial that he's getting so big. Look at that picture! He looks more like a kid and less like a baby everyday. 
2/3 of a year old...sheesh.

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