Monday, May 27, 2013

What I've learned this month:

I hope everyone is had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend! I'd like to thank all those who have put their lives on the line and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend and protect this amazing country of ours.

Calvin will be 8 months old the end of this month and every month there's always some sort of learning curve. Just when I think I got a handle on this parenting thing there's something new. So here's what I've figured out this month:

Babies LOVE hampers!

Why did it take sooo long for me to know this!? He played in it for an hour! AN HOUR!!! Nothing holds his attention or keeps him in one place that long. It was incredible, he sat in it, stood up in it (while we held it to keep it stable), played with his toys in it. It was like a fun little baby cage and I felt like a moron for not thinking of it sooner.

Just because he can't technically "crawl" doesn't mean he can't get anywhere:

"crawling' through the coffee table...
 And I mean ANYWHERE and FAST! This kid is like a tiny, army-crawling magician. Set him down one place, look away for a second and he pops up somewhere else. Favorite hang-outs include under the coffee table, the granite hearth in front of the fire place, anywhere the dog has left one of his chew toys, and anywhere he thinks he thinks might give me a heart attack. Needless to say, baby proofing is in full swing.

 Baby kisses are so damn cute!
Sorry for the aweful pic. I needed photographic proof.

 Calvin kissed me for the first time this week and I almost died from the cuteness. I kissed his cheeks a couple times then he grabbed my face, smooshed his mouth against my cheek and made a sort of smacking, grunting sound... Then he tried to suck on my chin. Hilarious.

All-in-all a good month. Cheers to a few hundred more!

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  1. Aww he is so dang adorable! 8 months already say it isn't so!