Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Pintester Movement: Watermark Tee

I LOVE Pinterest. I'm on it more than I'd like to admit. I've gotten so many great ideas and yummy recipes it's amazing. Now, I'm pretty good at actually trying a lot of the things that I "pin", but there are a few projects that I pinned wwwaaayyy long ago that have been figuratively collecting dust.

One of my very favorite blogs is holding a challenge called
 "The Pintester Movement" (<click for the link)
The idea? Pick a Pinterest pin and DO IT!

Challenge Accepted.

This was one of the very first DIY projects I ever pinned. 

I started with a V-neck tee from Target that is 60%cotton, 40%polyester because I liked the tee and I knew I'd never actually wear it if I just got one of those Hanes T-shirts that everyone tries to tye-dye in elementary school but ends up with a poop brown shirt that finds it's way to the bottom of the closet because it's hideous.
I also decided to do a onesie for my kiddo since I literally have 35 white onesies just hanging around the house.

I followed the directions and wet the shirts, pulling them over plastic bin lids and writing on them with Elmer's Blue Gel Glue

Excuse the dark pics. I have a baby so all crafting is done after bed time.

For my shirt I chose a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favorite books. For the onesie I chose a quote from Calvin and Hobbes because my son's name is Calvin...get it? duh...

After waiting for them to dry overnight I drug out the biggest pot I have (which is quite large indeed) and some Rit-Dye and said a little prayer.

I just dumped the whole onesie in, but thought an Ombré look on mine might be fun. So I let part of it hang out and gradually shoved more into the pot. I have no idea how long I waited or even how many "waits" i did. So don't ask. I just made it up.

Once I was satisfied with the color (read: I ran out of time) I laid them flat to dry... and waited... again.

The next day (yes, this took me 3 days...sheesh) I soaked them in cool, soapy water and washed and dried them.

Here's the result!
Self-timer shot... always super awkward.

Good luck reading these bad boys but I guess that's not really the point... right?
And yes, I had both shirts in the exact same vat of dye. Crazy. The onesie has some fun confetti-like spots on it. apparently you really need to stir that dye up before throwing your stuff in it. Oops. I don't know what happened in the middle of my shirt but the glue didn't dissolve off so it's still kind of crunchy and has a bunch of lint stuck to it. Maybe it will get better with more washings?

Alright, I did it and there's photographic evidence for all the interwebs to see.
Now it's your turn!

And seriously, if you haven't heard of you really need to check out her blog, she's hilarious! GO!

Update 8/19/2013: The excess glue left on my shirt came out the second time I washed it. It looks perfect and I wear my shirt all the time! Calvin has unfortunately already outgrown his onesie, so I guess it will get saved for the next kiddo. :)


  1. Aw, they turned out cute! You and your little boo are gorgeous, and I love your project, too!

    1. Thank you Sonja! I think he's pretty cute but I'm incredibly bias.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Aurelia! It was a fun project. :)

  3. Onesies are a great way to experiment. Even if you can't read it, you two still match.

    1. And Momma-baby matching isn't too over-the-top right?? haha!

  4. Cute onesie... even cuter baby! :)

    1. Thanks Claire! I loved your sign. Way cute for your new digs. :)