Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in full swing at my house.

I love these sunny days and cooler nights.
Mostly fueled by my love of sweaters, jackets, jeans and boots...
Top it off with pumpkin and cinnamon and apple EVERYTHING and I'm one happy camper.
I randomly declared to my husband last week that I want to try and decorate the house for every season.
Nothing crazy.
Mostly just the mantle and front entrance.
I want Calvin to have fun and happy memories of our home.

So I gathered a bunch of apples, bought up some tiny pumpkins, dug out the fall scented candles and made a run to the craft store so I could make some festive fall garland.
I strung together some felt acorns and leaves with some jute (which smells terrible btw) and hung it up with command hooks.

Calvin has been rocking the fall fashions too.

Here's some stuff we're loving right now.
One. Two. Three.Four. Five. Six. Seven.

Warm accessories are vital for the cooler mornings and evenings this time of year. Bonus points if they're ridiculously cute. These moccasins and visor beanies were gifts and we LOVE them!
The puffer vest is definitely on our wish list right now. Vests on babies might possibly be the cutest thing ever.
He's been sporting the long sleeve tee's and onesies everyday. Light enough to play in, but keeps those arms warm. They're perfect.
Footie jammies are my favorite! I like to put Calvin in one piece sleepers because he moves around so much he gets kind of twisted in two-piece PJ's. I also thinks he sleeps much better snuggled in a sleep sack. I'm going to be pissed when he gets too big for these.

And my new favorite fall obsession.
Warm apple cider with a "nip" of fireball.
If you've never tried these together you must!
It's the perfect evening "wind-down" beverage.
You will thank me.

We have more fall activities in the line up this month.
We're going pumpkin picking at Green Bluff with good friends next week and I couldn't be more excited to start some fun traditions with our kids.
And of course, Halloween is coming!
I'm not sure what our game-plan will be. Calvin's never had candy before and I think I'd like to get one more year out of him before he really discovers it.
But, I'd also like to let him trick-or-treat a little.
I'm thinking we'll hit the grandparents houses, and maybe do a little of the mall so he can actually walk.
Thoughts or suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated. What do you think?


  1. I love your leaf and acorn garlands! What a really cute and simple idea. I also enjoy decorating for the seasons (especially this time of year), and I like to make the items myself as much as I can. Thank you for this great idea! -Ann

    1. Thank you Ann! I think command hooks have found a permanent home on my fireplace. I'm definitely going to need garlands for every season! Haha!