Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Trip to Green Bluff

Last week our friends Ashley and Mia from Bend, OR came up for a quick trip home.
We wanted to get the kiddo's together and do something "seasonal" and fun!
So we ventured to Walter's Fruit Ranch at Green Bluff.
We picked pumpkins, played in a sandbox filled with dried sweet peas and tried to communicate with some very funny goats.

Plus there were so many great photo opportunities!

The first patch we went into had a bunch of great toddler-size pumpkins which Calvin kept trying to pick up. He's such a boy.

Seriously, How cute are these two?
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Then we played in a big box of dried sweet peas. The kids were leery at first, but quickly got into the spirit.

Mia was a fantastic "pea-thrower"

Then we found the patch with the big pumpkins in it and had to take pictures there too.

And we made sure to snap some quick Mama-Baby pics before we left. The kids were obviously distracted.

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We left with a car full of pumpkins, fresh-pressed apple cider and exhausted toddlers.
We always have so much fun with our friends. 
I'm really hoping we can make it an annual event.

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