Monday, October 28, 2013

First Month of ONE

Calvin's been one for a whole month now and the developmental and physical changes that have occurred just since his birthday are amazing.
I swear it all happened over night!

Here's what's new in our world:

He's got another tooth or 2 coming in.
I swear he's grown at least an inch.
He will hand you something if you ask for it.
He gives kisses when asked (if he feels like it)
He makes a "vroom-vroom" sound when playing with toy cars.
He loves giving High-fives.
He knows how to say and sign "all done" and thinks it's hilarious. (sounds like "aye-daa")
He's really good at dribbling a soccer ball and can take it pretty far (soccer-dribbling, not basketball dribbling)
He can throw a ball with surprising accuracy.
Throwing while running.

Diaper (sounds like "Deeya-pa")
Mama- although most of the time he calls me "daddy" too.

But most of the time he just points at things at says "Dee!"

We're really looking forward to Halloween.
We tried Calvin's costume on him the other night and it we could barely handle the cute.
Tristan and I just put together our costumes too.
Pictures to come!
I've also decided that next year we're doing a family-group costume.
I LOVE group costumes so I'm going to take advantage of Calvin being so young while I can.

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