Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Teething Update

Calvin has been pushing through A LOT of teeth lately.

At last count we're up to 15.

It's been hard to tell lately if he's still teething or if he's just being a cranky toddler, then we'll get moments of our normal, sweet, happy boy followed by random crying while holding his hands over his mouth and we have our answer.
He's been chewing on his hands and fingers non-stop, and, a couple weeks ago he randomly walked up to Tristan sitting on the couch, and tried to bite his foot. Completely out of the blue!
So weird.

His gums have literally been blue and bruised at times.
I didn't know gums could bruise like that.

I did a post about what we use to help with the teething here, but we've adapted now that he's older and thought I'd update the list.
*I am not being compensated for ANY of my recommendations. I am also not a doctor, these are merely what we use in our home.*

Hyland's teething tablets are the BEST THING ON EARTH!
I don't know how kids got through the teething process without them.
If you register with the Hyland's website they'll send you coupons every now and then.

I've also been using their Arnica Montana to help deal with pain from fracturing my ribs and it's surprisingly effective at getting rid of headaches. It's definitely found a permanent place in my medicine cabinet.

We are also on our 2nd and 3rd Baltic Amber Ankle Bracelet .
I personally like the anklet/bracelets because we can tuck it in his sock now and when he's older he can wear it around his wrist. Calvin is a total wiggle worm and I do not trust him with a necklace right now. We keep 2 around just in case we can't find one.
I can't speak to whether or not they really help with pain, however, I can tell you that they help SIGNIFICANTLY with the drooling.
We accidentally lost the first one and after a day of not wearing it, Calvin started drooling so much he was soaking through several shirts a day.
After few days of going through shirt after shirt, and bib after bib, and as skeptical as he was when I bought it, Tristan looked at me and said "we need to order another bracelet for him".

The only time we take it off Calvin is when we bathe him. Baltic Amber jewelry really shouldn't be worn in the water. It can make the string brittle.
I even ordered a bracelet for myself. Not that I drool or anything, but wearing amber is supposed to have a lot of benefits. 
Can't hurt right?

In my original post I recomended baby tylenol, for when they're really in a lot of pain, which is all well and good if your kid will take it. 
Mine will not.
He spits it out as soon as it hits his tongue. What good is it if the kid wont take it right?
We have had MUCH more success with Children's Advil Infant Drops .
The Advil brand specifically.
I've even tried it, and it really is the best tasting of the baby pain relievers, Calvin sucks it right up.
Plus, I've found that Ibuprofen kicks-in faster.

Lastly, I'd like to mention Calvin's favorite treat.
Trader Joe's has boxes of chocolate covered banana slices in the freezer section.
They are the perfect dessert for a teething toddler.

He gets pretty messy, but he LOVES them. Soothing on the gums, tasty and as far as treats go, pretty healthy.
I know I could probably just make these, but for $2.99 a box, I don't have to.

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