Monday, March 3, 2014

17 Months

Wow February flew by fast!

The kiddo has been having a blast in the snow this month.
We'll get 2 or 3 inches, then a week later it's all melted, so we have to take advantage of the chilly white fluff while we have it.

I know I say this practically every month, but he's learned SO MUCH the past few weeks!

Remember the puzzle we got him for Valentine's Day?
He was able to put it together completely by himself after 2 days!
And he knows Oval (Oba) and Star (Dar).

We also have these great books by Eric Carle, his favorite is My Very First Book of Words,
The pages are split in half and you match the pictures at the bottom to the words at the top.
There's about a dozen pictures and he knows what every single one is!
We'll ask him "Where's the boy?" and he'll flip through all the pictures until he finds it.
He also likes to identify items in his My First Colors book and knows several objects by sight.
It blows my mind how much he knows.

I keep saying he'll be smarter than me by the time he starts school.

We've also "welcomed" the addition of several teeth.
At last count he's up to 13, but he doesn't let me look very often.

He can also:
Eat with a fork
Say "pretty" which sounds like "Pri-py"
He'll look outside and say "Brrrr" and start shaking his head.
He thinks trains are fascinating and says "toot-toot!" when he sees one.
Tristan taught him to howl like a wolf and it's ridiculously cute.
He still loves Elmo and now calls him "eh-oh"
He says "Love you" as "Lub-u" but only if you're really lucky.
He remembers where he leaves his water cup and usually can find it before I can.
And we now have to keep everything 2 inches from the edge of the counter because he can reach EVERYTHING! I'm quickly running out of hiding spots.

He's also started telling us when he's peeing and pooping so I guess it's time to go get him a potty of his own.

We've had fun with the snow, but we're definitely looking forward to spring, and I for one, am probably WAY to excited for Daylight Savings time. I think we should lobby for it to be a national holiday.

We're not looking forward to getting Calvin allergy tested in a couple weeks.
Unfortunately, severe nut allergies run in Tristan's side of the family, so while neither of us have them, there's a bigger chance Calvin could. So off to the allergist we go. I think it might be a rough one for both of us.
Cross your fingers!

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