Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tristan's Birthday Weekend

Friday was my husbands birthday so Saturday we had a little BBQ with his family and a few friends.
We had the 3 B's of a good party. Burgers, Brats and BEER!
In Tristan's circle we tend to be beer snobs (not that there's anything wrong with that) but have you tried the Budweiser Lime-a-rita's? They're pretty tasty.

I digress...

First and foremost, the most important item:
Tristan's absolute favorite...
Funfetti Cupcakes!
  He loves funfetti so much that he has requested it every single year that I've known him (which is a long time). He also ONLY gets Cake Batter frozen yogurt with Rainbow sprinkles whenever we go to FroYo. Always. And I make fun of him every time.

This was his birthday present from me this year. Nerd Art! And, because I'm an awesome wife, I told him he could even hang them in the living room. I know, I know, I'm that cool.
These prints can be found at


Can you tell he was in dire need of a nap?

Playing with cousins Bella and Noah. He was infatuated with them.

We were pretty wiped out from the festivities so Sunday we all slept in (yep, even the kiddo) and went out for a leisurely lunch at our favorite Thai place. Although, Calvin did not partake in the delicousness that is Hot Pot this time, he will get his share when he's a bit bigger.

"Hey dad... wanna share summa that?"
Thank you to all that came and celebrated with us and those that threw him a fb shout out. 
We love you guys!

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  1. I love the Nerd Art! Thanks for the link to that site. Now I'm drooling over all the pretties.

    And I love Calvin's thoroughly unimpressed face.