Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 Months Old

Time for our monthly update!

Calvin is on the move, crawling, cruising and using his "Walk 'n Ride" to get ALL OVER the place and never holding still.

He does, however, avoid the 3 things in the house he knows he's not allowed to touch.
1. The box fan
2. The blinds
3. The wine 
Everything else is pretty much fair game.
I have discovered that I can put him in his Jumperoo with Sesame Street on and it will hold his attention just long enough for me to take the quickest shower you've ever seen (and coldest since I leave the door wide open so I can hear him). 
Don't judge. 
I reserve this move only for when I am absolutely desperate to wash my hair.

He's also just cut his 3rd tooth with the 4th just around the corner. But my kid's doing it his way and instead of getting the top front teeth next like most babies, he's getting the ones next to the front teeth. What a rebel.
He got into daddy's nightstand and was quite pleased with himself.

In other news, as of this week I'm DONE breastfeeding.
We've been supplementing for the last couple months with Bright Beginnings Organic Formula and have moved to that full time. 
The last few months have felt like a battle between my not wanting to buy formula and my body saying "Eff this!" I've run dry, stopped responding to my pump and I'm tired of fighting for every 1/2oz. So I'm packing up my nursing bras and my nips can finally heal!

While we're on the subject of feeding...
Kiddo is getting pretty sick of purees, which is great, but there are 2 problems:

1. He usually eats what we eat, but we have weird schedules sometimes and dinner doesn't always happen. Especially when it's 100 degrees outside. My meal planning has fallen by the wayside with the heat and I desperately need to find the motivation to get back into it.

2. He will shove EVERYTHING you put in front of him in his mouth all at once until he gags.
So this means trying to figure out if he's actually swallowed what he just put in his mouth so I can divy out another small portion, all while trying to eat myself.
Not an easy task. 
Is there a way to teach him to slow his roll? Thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated.


  1. Give him a spoon t (rubber coated) to hold and distract him, this may work!

    1. Great idea! I'll try that tonight and see how it works. Thanks!