Monday, July 15, 2013

9 month Sleep Regression

Kiddo is going through a "sleep regression" which basically means that my good little sleeper has been waking up between midnight and 1am and screaming like someone cut off his finger.
Now, if this were just a quick, "go in, rock him back to sleep, put him back in his crib", kind of thing, I probably wouldn't even mention it. 
This is a, "spend 30 minutes rocking him back to sleep only to have his eyes pop open and the screaming to resume the minute you start lowering him into his crib because apparently his mattress has become Hot Lava and there is no way in Hell he's going back in there for the rest of the night" kind of thing.
We've had a few really long nights this week. Not every night, he likes to lull you into a false sense of security by sleeping really well for a couple nights in a row. Then, just when you think the worst is over... BAM! More screaming.
Thankfully my husband is amazing and just when my nerves are about to disintegrate into a puddle on the floor, he swoops in and takes over. 
Normally, Calvin is really good at falling back asleep if he wakes up during the night. The problem is that at the moment he seems to have this subconscious reflex to sit-up the moment he wakes up. Which makes it impossible for him to fall back into a blissful slumber.
Tired kid. Fell asleep in his jumperoo. Very, unusual for him.
Everything I've read on the subject says it's just a phase that should "only" last between 2-6 weeks. He's learning so many new things and processing so much information during the day that he has a hard time shutting off his brain at night when he wakes and we're not there to help.
He's not cranky during the day, and he's still napping really well, but you can tell he's tired.
The nights seem to be worse when we're really busy during the day and his nap schedule gets thrown off. But we can't exactly become hermits for the next month just to make sure he gets his requisite 3 hours during the day.
Oh the glamorous life of a parent.... It's a good thing he cute.

He's been sucking on his bottom lip a lot. Possibly teething... It's anyone's guess.
Keeping an eye on the neighborhood
"No shit's going down on my watch!"

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