Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pintester Movement V. 2.0: Arm Knitting

I knit.
There I said it.
I knit like a grandma.
I'm good at it, I enjoy it, the employees at a local yarn shop know my name and I have a stash of yarn that my husband once described as "shocking". 
Here are some examples of things I have actually created with yarn and sticks.
Yes, I made all of these and yes, those reindeer are humping.

So when Sonja over at declared another "Pintester Movement" I scoured through her craft attempts and thought "Arm Knitting" might be right up my alley, even though her results may have been less-than-stellar. See her post here

Here is the original "Arm Knitting" post from

I already know my knitting basics and I have arms... How hard could it be?

First of all, the updated instructional video is almost 10 1/2 minutes long. That should have been my first warning. I watched it 3 or 4 times with my head cocked to the side thinking "huh???... shouldn't I understand this?!?" But I decided to press on and figure it out as I went.

The yarn I used is "Yarn Bee- Debut" in Smoke which I found at Hobby Lobby.
Usually I only buy yarn from my local yarn store, but time was a factor and I just couldn't get there.

Bear with me, as taking photos with your hands tied together is as difficult as you'd suspect so my husband had to take a few.
I "Cast On" 6 loops onto my right arm.

Trying to follow the instructional video as closely as possible, I started grabbing yarn and pulling loops thinking there was no way in hell this was going to amount to anything.

  I totally felt like I should've be doing some sort of grand Houdini-esq escape trick.

Notice there are too many stitches? This was actually from my first attempt but it was one of the better pictures we got.

I would definitely suggest using the softest yarn you can find. I have super sensitive skin and even with this bamboo & acrylic blend (which is nice and squishy) my arms were getting a bit irritated from dragging the yarn across them so much. Friction can be a bitch.

At this point I said to my husband
 "I'll be damned... It's actually working"

After I bound off, I used a crochet hook and used the loose yarn ends to "sew" the scarf ends together to make a circle.

I was honestly prepared to end up with my arms tied together in a mass of twisted fiber. I even had my scissors waiting nearby in case my husband had to come to my rescue and free me.
But once I got the rhythm down it all came together.
Frankly, I was quite surprised.

It took about a 30 min. and while it might not be the nicest thing I've ever knit, I think I just might actually wear it.

*Update: I am not quite ready for the responsibility of an Etsy shop, but because of the interest I am willing to make and sell the reindeer hat through my blog.
Please email me for pricing and a time estimate.
Thank you all!


  1. Cray. That's really cool and I need a humping reindeer hat.

    Your friend,

    Matt Grebe

    P.S. Your blog is amazing.

    1. I'll add you to the reindeer hat list :) It's a long list and as the kiddo is mobile I have a lot less time to knit. So... hopefully sometime this decade?

  2. Very cute! I think yours came out the best out of the like, five people who tried it for this Pintester Movement, hehe.

    PS. your "real" knitted creations are ADORBS. I want that reindeer hat, really badly. Do you have an etsy shop?

    1. Thank you Ashley! I do not have an Etsy shop as knitting is merely a hobby. I think actually selling would take all the joy out of it. But never say never I guess.
      But we may be able to work something out if you realllllyyyy want one. Email me :)

  3. Holy shit I LOVE YOUR KNITTING PROJECTS. I am now stalking your blog. Did you feel that this was a waste of yarn?? Arm knitting, hrmph!

    1. Thank you! More knitting posts to come!
      My 9 month old is crawling now so my knitting has taken a back seat to trying to avoid baby head-trauma but it's coming!

  4. Wow! That does look good. After reading Sonja's attempt, I figured all was lost, but you pulled it out! But then, a woman who knits humping reindeer must have some sort of magical qualities. ;-)

    1. Well, Thank you. I don't know about magical, but I did have the video tutorial playing on my phone on my lap whilst attempting it. :)

  5. Amazing, and scary. I would never try this in a million years. I would need paramedics or firemen.

    1. Thanks! I was definitely concerned for my safety so I had my husband standing by to rescue me. haha!

  6. Oh wow! That looks AMAZING! Great job! And also, I am super envious of your beautiful manicure.

    1. Thanks Sonja. I'd give you the name of my nail lady but she's here in WA and it would result in the loss of "Cock-nails" which I will not be responsible for.

  7. Hey! We tried the same one! I like yours and I hear you on the need for soft yarn. :)

  8. I love the stuff you've actually knit lol, and am jealous. Also, I think your pin scarf turned out pretty nicely!

  9. Very nice, and actually wearable!