Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Note to our Childless Friends.

I found this on Pinterest and LOVED IT!
A hilarious blog written by the dad of twin boys that you really should check out.

PDF link

This is incredible in so many ways.
 And in case you'd like to print it and hand it out to all your childless friends, it's available as a PDF download.

We have a lot of friends that don't have kids yet. They don't quite understand that they can't just text us in the afternoon about a concert that night. Or that dinner out (with or without the kid) requires more than throwing on a cute outfit, grabbing my purse and heading out the door. I even know that some of them were not super thrilled when we announced our pregnancy because they knew we were going to fall off the face of the Earth.
And you know what? 
We did.

But that's how being a parent is.
Please know that it's impossible to completely understand until you have a kid of your own. 
We still like you. We still want to be friends.
We just can't go out to drink and party until dawn like we used to.
We have another human being that is completely dependent on us for their survival and it's not fair to pawn them off on someone else every weekend so we can pretend to have a life again.

Our lives revolve around this thing, and we couldn't be happier.
You'll get it someday.

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