Monday, September 30, 2013

1 Year Stats.

We Calvin's 12 month Baby Well appointment this morning.
Let's just say I will NEVER make a doctors appointment at nap time EVER again.

Calvin is:
19 lbs. 5 oz (15th percentile)
30.5" tall (75th percentile)
and his head circ. is 18" (35th percentile)

He's a lean machine for sure.

Our pediatrician was really happy with how active and strong the kiddo is.

Admittedly it was hard to discuss anything with Calvin screaming at us.
Even the receptionist at the front desk said "Wow, that's not how he usually is during visits" as we were leaving...
How embarrassing.

But we were able to briefly talk about weaning him off of formula and on to whole milk. I wanted to make sure the doc wasn't concerned about his weight before I made the switch and he gave me the go ahead. Calvin's pretty skinny and formula has more calories than milk so I think we'll take a gradual approach, slowly replacing more and more formula with milk.

It was also suggested that I wait a bit longer before introducing foods with a high allergen risk because of a family history of food allergies and Calvin's own poor reaction to egg whites in the past.
So Strawberries and nut butters will have to wait a few more months.

Now that we got him home, napped and fed and he's in a much better mood thank goodness.

I've been working hard on a post about his birthday party.
Be warned, it's super long with a billion pictures.
Look for it tomorrow.

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