Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Almost 1, Stuff We Love Now

As Calvin's birthday looms near, I find I keep tormenting myself by looking through pictures from when we first brought him home.

It's so bittersweet. Yes I want him to grow and learn and play. I'm really looking forward to the next stages. I'm REALLY looking forward to when he can tell me what he wants or what's wrong.
Like today, he's being a total crab-pants and I'm just not sure why.

But we're talking about my baby. The one that used to be so tiny.

He's walking pretty well now, all the way across the living room from the couch to the window without any help. He's really enjoying his Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and sometimes can even get them in the correct order. And he LOVES anything that rolls. Balls, cars, trucks, you name it, if it will roll along the ground he wants to play with it. He even makes a "vroom" sound when he's pushing cars around. It's so cute.

Calvin has been drinking water from a sippy cup for a while now and I hated ALL of them because he couldn't use them by himself. So then we decided to try the straw sippy cups. We got the Nuby brand with the handles and they're ok. He uses them fine but they leak.
And then I found the Innobaby Sippin' Smart EZ Flow Straw Sippy Cup .
Seriously, I've become slightly obsessed with this cup.
It's wide, holds 10oz, the straw is weighted at the bottom which is GENIUS because it follows the liquid. Which means when he holds the cup upside-down (which he does) the bottom of the straw goes with the water and he can still drink!
And the most amazing thing of all.... get ready...  
Sorry I'm not sorry for yelling, but it's a miracle.
It doesn't leak at all. Which is going to be WAY important when there's stuff besides water in it.
We only have one right now but I'm insisting we absolutely need three more.

 I'm also pretty obsessed with the Frenchie Extra Large Hooded Towel
 I got him the blue dog for Easter and I LOVE it. It's so thick and plush and Big! It's 40" x 30" which is almost twice as big as a couple of other hooded towels I have for him. We will be adding the Frog and Monkey to our collection soon.

I also want to quickly mention a couple of amazing baby proofing items that have kept Calvin out of a lot of trouble. We LOVE our Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Gate and these Safety 1st Magnetic Locks.(the link for the locks will take you to the best deal I've found for them anywhere. Of course it's on Amazon) I can't recommend either item enough. They are life savers.

And last but not least, something for the home.
Calvin was amassing quite an impressive toy collection in the living room.
I really didn't want to have to drag them out and put them away every single day so I bought this BIG Smith & Hawken Square Basket from Target so I can just toss all his crap in it once he's in bed. It also comes in round and I probably looked like an idiot standing in the aisle with one of each on the floor trying to decide. But I have a strange affinity for square things so square it was.
It's super sturdy and fits TONS of stuff in it. And to top it off, It's pretty nice looking if I do say so myself.

I've been busily prepping for his birthday party and will post about some party plans & gifts we're getting him. Then after I've had a minute to recover from the actual day-of, I will do a HUGE post about the party.
Keep an eye out.

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