Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy November!
Pardon my tardiness with the Halloween post, I had to recuperate and work and had various other events to attend.


I thought I'd share what Halloween looked like for us this year.

Get a load of this kid.

I know it totally looks photo-shopped, but I swear that Jack-O-Lantern is REAL
Isn't that monster costume to die for?!
We bought it last year at Babies-R-Us during their after Halloween sale for $6.95!
A total steal.
The only down-side was that it was so bulky that I had to take the entire thing off him to put him in his car seat. So anytime we had to go somewhere, we had to strip it off him, drive, then put it back on.

Halloween afternoon I loaded up the kiddo so we could visit Tristan at work.
All the office ladies loved our little monster.
Calvin had fun running around the office.

That evening we headed over to Tristan's Brother and Sister-in-Law's house to catch up with the cousins and grandparents and have our Halloween Photo-Op.
I can't tell in Noah is smiling behind his Ninja Turtle mask but I think he is.

We had to get a group shot of all of us in costume.

Then we hit the road again and stopped by my mom's house.
Monster's gotta hydrate too.

We intended to take Calvin to the mall to "Trick-or-Treat" there because it's well-lit, warm, has a nice flat ground and they mostly give out stickers, but we didn't want to re-costume him again.

Tristan and I love group/couples costumes...
OK... I love them and he humors me.
This year we were Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from our favorite show, The Big Bang Theory.
The best part is that we just bought clothes that we can wear in real life. Just put together differently. Halloween costume AND new wardrobe pieces?!

I'm going to warn you guys now, next year we're totally doing a family costume. 
I'm already planning it.
We managed to get one more year of no candy out of him.
We handed him a couple pieces but he didn't know what they were so he just threw them on the ground or smushed them in his hand.
I'm considering employing the legend of the "Switch-Witch" on him in the years to come to keep the candy eating to a minimum.

Do any of you have any tricks for keeping your kids from eating 10lbs. of crap every year?
I'd love to hear them.

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