Thursday, January 9, 2014

15 Months

Excuse the late update.
Holidays and being sick definitely pushed my timeline back.

We had Calvin's 15 Month Well Baby check-up yesterday.
The Dr. was very pleased with his growth.

He now weighs 22lbs 4oz (35th percentile)
and he's 33" tall (95th percentile)
Still tall and skinny just like his dad haha!
The doc also thinks he's about to have another growth spurt too since he's been eating everything in sight.

He's added some new skills to his repertoire too:
Signs "more".
He claps for himself when he's done something he's proud of.
Says "Alfie" which sounds like "Hal-pee".
Says "Doggie" which sounds like "Da-hee"
Says "Water" which sounds like "Wah-wee".
Says "Bye-bye" and waves both hands, which grocery store cashiers find especially adorable.
He gives real kisses and even make a smacking sound.

And I think the one that is the most hilarious:
He'll cover both ears with his hands if you say "Earmuffs"...
like the kid in Old School... Anyone??

His first molar broke through a couple days ago and we are anxiously awaiting BOTH canine teeth which look like they should be through tomorrow, but will do doubt take another week.

A local "Natural parenting retail, resource center & Mommy Cafe" just opened here in town and they teamed up with a local photography studio to decorate the walls.
We volunteered Calvin to be one of their models so now his picture is among those displayed.

This is the one they chose to use:

But this one was my favorite:
*The tiger is from Target by a company called Sweet Sprouts (we actually have 3!), but I cannot for the life of me find a link for him. I believe he's been discontinued.

The "Snowman" theme was not my idea, but I think it's kinda cute and who would turn down a free photography session for their kid?
I haven't been in to see his portrait on their wall yet, but I'm hoping to get in there to check it out soon.

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