Monday, January 27, 2014

16 Months

This month has been a rough one.
Not just for Calvin, but the entire family.

We've all been sick and poor kiddo, who's never even had a fever before, ended up with the flu last week.

It was the most heart-breaking thing ever.
Friday morning I woke him up and he felt a bit warm.
The thermometer said 99° but he was acting normal and had teeth coming in so I gave him a little ibuprofen and off we went to the babysitters house.
She texted me that afternoon saying his temp was up to 101°. I got him home and we snuggled on the couch. He was exhausted but wouldn't lay his head down. I think his little head was hurting.

By 7pm he was up to 103° so we decided it was time to get to the dr.'s office.
We took him to urgent care and he tested positive for the flu, but since they were closing we had to go to the ER. Once we were taken back his temp was up to 103.6° and his heart rate was close to 200bpm(!) but his lungs sounded good. They gave him more tylenol and started him on tamiflu but wanted his temp and heart rate to come down before we could take him home.

We finally got him home and in bed after 11:00.

Two days later and you'd never know he'd been sick.
He's still fighting a cough (we all are), and he's been extra sleepy and hungry, but he's been in a great mood. I think he's just happy to be well again.

He's got some new trick up his sleeve too.

He says Please which sounds like "Peas"
He says "cheese"
He says "Toes" and knows where they are.
He's started walking on his tip-toes sometimes.
He loves keeping an eye on the dog when I let him out and shuts the door for me when Alfie comes back in.
I swear last week he said his first sentence. I may have be hallucinating, but he dropped something off his high-chair tray and it sounded like he said "Uh-oh, where d'it go?"

When something makes him happy he does this funny belly-rubbing dance. It's sooo cute, but I haven't been able to catch it on video yet. I don't know if he's signing "happy" or if its just some random thing he does, but it's freaking adorable.

We've put him back in swim lessons at the YMCA. Tristan takes him every Saturday. I finally got to go this week and see what they do on their mornings together. It was so fun.
Is there anything cuter than swimming babies?

I still have a ton of catching up to do.
I kid you not, our Christmas decorations are STILL up.
I've vowed to get them down tomorrow so wish me luck.

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