Monday, April 28, 2014

19 Months

19 months...
I've been asking myself how long I will continue these monthly updates.
The truth is, I do them for myself more than anyone else.
He changes so much in such a short amount of time, and I'm truly concerned I may forget it all someday.
So for now, they will continue.

Calvin has been SO much fun lately!
This kid cracks me up!
The other night, he started loading all the shapes from his Shape O Ball into his shark backpack and when they were all in there he grabbed the bag, yelled "BYE-BYE!" and ran to the back door.
It was hilarious.

He's very opinionated at this point too, which I'm sure is just going to get worse.
He knows EXACTLY which shoes he wants to wear, what he wants to drink, which book he wants to read and what toy he wants to play with.

Case in point: Eating his snack with daddy's hat on. The hat was non-negotiable...

He's absolutely obsessed with learning new things.

He can almost put every shape into his Shape O Ball without any help. Only the pentagon and hexagon trip him up.
He's got the majority of his basic colors down, although sometimes he just says everything is "yeyow".

He's getting really good at counting to 10, especially the 8-9-10! part.
He's figuring out the alphabet and can confidently identify all the vowels on his alphabet puzzle (including Y).

He's my little friend maker. He says "Hi!" and "Buh-bye" to every kid we walk past... and most of the adults. 
He really likes to high-five but if you "bump" knuckles with him he will walk up to every single person in the room to bump knuckles with them too.

If when he falls or runs into something, he pops back up and says "boom..." in a concerned voice.

His very favorite song is Ho-Hey by the Lumineers. He's been "singing" it for days now. It goes like this:
"*garbled toddler language* HEY! *garbled toddler language* HO! 
*indistinguishable words* HO!"

Basically, this age, while challenging at times, is super awesome.
I get all emotional and choked up at random times thinking about how much he's grown and changed since last year. 

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