Thursday, April 3, 2014

18 Months! That's a Year and a Half Folks!

 First things first:
The winner of the Prince Lionheart playMAT giveaway last week was Wendy J!
Congratulations Wendy, I hope your son enjoys the playMAT as much as Calvin does.
Thank you to everyone that entered!

The 28th of March marked a year and a half of Calvin.

He continues to amaze us every single day with his personality and everything he knows!
I put off this post until now because I wanted to wait until we'd been to his 18 Month check-up to get his stats. This blog has become his make-shift baby book, and I want to make sure I don't forget!
We visited our Pediatrician this morning and he was very happy with Calvin's growth.
He's not as tall, percentage-wise, as he used to be; he's right around the 50th percentile for height, and still a string-bean (30th percentile for weight).
He's eating and sleeping like a champ so he must be growing right?

Look at that kid! 
Definitely not a little baby anymore.
That Radio Flyer scooter was mine when I was just a smidge and it's so fun to see him enjoying it.
He's really just started to understand how to sit on it and scoot.
Until a couple weeks ago, he'd get on, hold onto the handle bars, then stand-up and kind of waddle-walk. Then he'd get frustrated and need help getting off.

When he's had enough scooting, he flips the thing over and spins the wheels.
He LOVES spinning wheels and looks like he's concentrating so hard on figuring it all out.
Maybe we have a future Physicist on our hands.

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