Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Goodies

If you read my post about last Easter, you'll remember that I TOTALLY FAILED at being the Easter bunny. Calvin's goodies didn't show up at our house until 2 weeks after Easter.
Thank goodness he was too young to remember.
With that failure nagging in my ear, I'm WAY more on top of things this go around.

Kiddo still doesn't really know what candy is and I know his Grandparents and aunties and uncles will be sneaking him plenty of treats this Sunday;
So I wanted to fill his basket with goodies that were fun, and maybe even educational.
Plus, I use holidays as an excuse to buy him things I would've probably gotten him anyway...
Jammies are always a must for every holiday.
(He also just happens to be out growing all of his current sets)
How great are these PJ's?!
In previous posts I've proclaimed my love of one-piece jammies, but now that we're sort-of kind-of potty training, 2 pieces are SOOOO much more convenient.
I love the the Gap, Old Navy and Carter's sets because they're actually slim enough to stay on him.

Calvin LOVES stuffed animals.
He kisses them on the nose, cuddles up with them and even puts blankets on them to put them "nigh-nigh", so I had to get him a little stuffy. Just a small, inexpensive duckling from Target that I'm sure will be his favorite thing to carry around for the next week.

Because I am a hairstylist, I get to talk and bounce ideas off of lot's of wonderful people.
One in particular is a teacher with a very smart son of her own, and she has made some much needed (and very appreciated) suggestions for keeping up with Calvin's urge to learn.
One was to get him a Tupperware Shape O Ball .
Do you remember these!?!
I actually found this one in new condition at a children's consignment shop for $5!!

I have been eyeballing this wooden alphabet puzzle online for a month now, but was NOT going to drop that kind of money on a puzzle.
I found this one at JcPenney on clearance!
I can't seem to find it on the JcPenney website so you may have to search your local store.
I also snagged him a board book copy of Good Night Moon.
It's a classic and we didn't have it in our collection yet.
Bunnies... Easter... it totally works.

They HAVE to have bubbles!
The last time kiddo played with bubbles he dumped half the solution on his pants, so these big non-spill buckets are fricken awesome!!

Not too shabby right?
Honestly, if I didn't know he had a bunch of other goodies waiting for him at his aunty's house I would have gotten more little stuff.
Probably some eggs stuffed with stickers and bouncy balls and maybe a coloring book with finger crayons like these
But those ideas can wait until next year.

P.S. I happened to be at the mall today and found THIS ridiculously cute backpack on clearance (!!!) so I HAD to snag it immediately and you probably should too.
Nothing like a last minute addition to make the Easter basket AMAZING!

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