Friday, April 26, 2013

Make your own wipes

Don't waste money on manufactured wipes with who-knows what kind of chemicals in them. 
Make your own!

Here's what you need:

  •  1 roll Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels. Yes this kind specifically, you will be sorry if you cheap out on this item. Get a Costco pack and you're good for almost a year!
  •  3 Tbls. Coconut Oil, melted
  •  3 C warm water
  •  1 tsp. Baby wash. I use California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash because it's all natural.
  •  2 containers to put them in.

I only use coconut oil because it's not only moisturizing for kiddo's skin but it's also antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti fungal. And when you're cleaning up poo those are good qualities to have.

Step 1:
    Cut the paper towel roll in half. I do not recommend using a serrated knife unless you want tiny paper bits flying all over your kitchen and all over your kid's behind.

Step 2:
     Combine water, melted Coconut Oil and baby wash and give it a little stir.

Nuke the Coconut Oil for about 20 seconds to get it nice and melty.

Step 3.
      Place paper towel rolls in your container cut-side-down. I like these containers because you can open them with one hand, VERY important when changing a baby.
They don't look like they'll fit but they will.

Step 4:
      Pour half the liquid over each roll and smush them down so the lids will fit on. Pop the tops on and let sit for 5-10 min. Or, do like me and completely forget about them so they end up sitting for 2-3 hours... no biggie.

See. I told you they'd fit.
Step 5.
      Get rid of that cardboard tube and pull out the center of the roll.

Your center-pull containers of wipes! 206 wipes for less than a penny each. That's a fraction of the cost of store-bought! These two rolls last us about a month and between these and the cloth diapers Calvin has never had diaper rash. So they make for happy tushies.



  1. I went and bought everything to make these today. Just finished, now they are soaking. Can't wait to see how they turn out!! Stoked! P.S. you forgot to mention the workout you'll get when cutting through the paper towels! Geeze!

    1. Good for you Brandi! It is a bit of a workout if you don't have a super sharp knife. Mine is getting dull and it's sooo obvious. Let me know how you like them once you've used them for a little bit. :)