Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Postpartum Shed and the Dreaded Hair-Horns

Everyone warned me that my hair would fall out after the baby was born. I felt prepared for the shedding. But after 2 1/2 months I hadn't really noticed any extra hair in my brush and was lulled into a false sense of security, I thought I was in the clear... Nope!
3 months after giving birth my hair started falling out by the fist-full. It was EVERYWHERE. No amount of cleaning could keep up with it. We were constantly picking it out of Calvin's fingers and off our clothes. I had to unclog the shower drain several times and my husband thought it had broken the vacuum. I decided out of sheer kindness to spare you the visual of the birds nest sized clump I collect every shower. You're welcome.

The kiddo is now almost 7 months old and I'm still losing hair like mad, but the kicker is that I'm also growing new hair back. How do I know? The inch long "hair horns" that now stick out from my hairline and are apparently immune to hairspray.

The "Hair Horn"
As a hairstylist I know this is normal, as a woman I am was freaking out. I thought for sure I would have bald patches in a matter of days. I have taken to steps to prevent as much hair loss as possible but with hormones at play there's really only so much a person can do. 

Here are my weapons of choice:
I realize Postpartum is spelled wrong. My bad.

DS Labs Revita Shampoo & Conditioner  From their website: "The most effective shampoo to preserve hair and avoid shedding, Revita® results from cutting-edge research at DS Laboratories." It ain't cheap but it's good stuff.

It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product  If you have never tried this before DO IT. I use this leave in conditioner on myself and 90% of my clients. It. Is. The. Shit. 

Wide Tooth Comb (similar here ) Everyone should have a wide tooth comb and it's the only thing you should use to detangle wet hair. Seriously, stop ripping through your damp tresses with a brush.

 1 inch Curling Iron . My hair is so thin now that wearing it down and straight is not an option. Messy curls are the perfect camouflage to make it look thicker and mask the new growth.

Wella Thermal Image Spray . If your going to use heat, you're going to use something to protect your hair. Period.

 (note: I provided links to amazon so you can check out the products, however, I highly recommend supporting small business and purchasing your hair products and tools from a local, licensed hairstylist)

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