Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Easter!

We spent Easter at Tristan's sister's house. It was a gorgeous day in the country and we got to play with lots of family, dogs and chickens too. So even though the Easter Bunny hasn't made it to our house yet, it was a great day.
The Mandatory Bunny-Ears shot.
Calvin loved the plastic eggs and freaked out if he dropped/tossed/lost one.

My niece and I played our own game of "hide the eggs/ hotter-colder"
When it was your turn to hide eggs you had to don the ears.
The first time I put them on she looked at me and said "You look good in those!"

My Nephew on the hunt

 Tristan and his brother

 My Handsome guys

Proof of a successful day. He's passed out but still clutching his new Oball.

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