Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homemade Baby Food & Yummi Pouch

 When Calvin was smaller and starting to eat solids I made 80% of the baby food he consumed.

I've started writing the "homemade baby food" post a dozen times and just didn't know where to go with it. Mostly because it's easy but there are so many different foods and combinations I didn't really know where to start.

Baby food is pretty straight forward.
Freeze in ice-cube trays.
Transfer to Ziploc and store in freezer.
Thaw and feed to baby.

All his food followed those basic steps.
I did have a few baby food books that I loved and still use.
While I loved the idea of having a baby food maker, any blender or food processor will work.
I have this one.

Here's my favorite tip:
Don't waste your time making applesauce
I did it once. I'll never do it again.
By the time you buy them, peel them, core them, dice them and cook them, you've put so much effort into it and probably spent twice as much as if you'd just bought a big jar of natural/organic applesauce.
Trust me.

My very favorite vehicle for my homemade purees is reusable food pouches!
They are dishwasher and freezer safe, and totally BPA free.

The Yummi Pouch comes in a few different sizes:
The 2.5oz pouch shown below is AWESOME for quick snacks.
I was a bit worried about how I'd fill this once because the zipper is at the bottom instead of the top, but I found that it balances perfectly on it's cap and is super easy to fill.

Calvin loves to suck his applesauce out of his pouch.
And they're SOOOO much less expensive than buying applesauce pouches at the store.
PLUS you know exactly what's in there.

The Bright Yummi Pouch holds up to 6oz which is perfect for a meal and they come is several fun designs.
I send one with Calvin whenever he goes to his baby sitters house.

Below is a days lunch, snack and dinner.

In this pouch I mixed homemade pumpkin and sweet potato puree with store bought applesauce.
It's filling, vitamin-packed and just sweet enough that he practically inhales it.
You can find lots of great recipes at

You can purchase these pouches at

They also make a 10oz Yummi Pouch Sport which I unfortunately do not have a picture of in action.
It's one of the biggest reusable food pouches on the market and it's perfect for smoothies.
Imagine freezing a smoothie in one and sending it with your older child for an after school snack to get them through sports practice.

So, there are some ideas about how to feed your kids.  I have more to come so stay tuned!

This post was in partnership with Yummi Pouch. I was not paid for my endorsement and all opinions are my own.

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