Saturday, November 9, 2013


First off, I need to say a 
to all my readers.
Your messages, comments, emails, pins and feedback are more appreciated than I can ever hope to express.
My chicken pot pie recipe was way more popular than I ever imagined it would be, so I promise more recipes are to come!

November has started out crazy for us!

"Falling back" from daylight savings time is SERIOUSLY overrated.
Sure you get an extra hour to sleep (if you don't have a baby)
but I'm sitting here writing this at 4pm and it's already almost dark.
I have so little motivation to do anything when it's dark outside.
We discovered that shifting Calvin's nap and bed times by a half hour the day before helped a ton with adjusting his schedule.

The other reason I have been so tardy with a new post is that on Tuesday I woke up with really bad vertigo.
The room was spinning so fast I actually blacked-out and fell.
I'm totally fine now. But it was really scary.
I was super lucky I didn't hurt myself on the way down.
The doctor said I most likely had an virus in my inner ear that was messing with my equilibrium.
I visited my chiropractor and got my neck adjusted too, just to cover all my bases, and I'm feeling great now.

Calvin is running amok all over the house these days.
His favorite thing to do right now is grab a book from the book shelf in his room, bring it to you saying "boooo" (which means "book"), then he plops in your lap so you can read it to him.
It's so sweet, you can't say no.
Then he does the same thing over and over again.

He's also really been enjoying sitting in a big box and poking at it with crayons.
It's definitely not "coloring" yet.
Poking is a much better way to describe it, but whatever he's doing, it makes him happy.

I think he's also growing, teething or fighting a cold (or all 3!) right now.
He's been soooo sleepy.
He's slept 12 1/2 hours the last few nights and right now he's up to almost 4 hours of naps today.
He's been happy and eating normally, but his nose is a faucet.
I don't know.

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving!
Eating and family, two of my favorite things!
I'm also raring to go on my holiday shopping list.
We just received Calvin's present which totally put me in the shopping mood... not that I need much motivation to shop.
We ordered this  6' Canvas Teepee (we got ours from, but this is the same one) and I can't wait to let him play in it!
I think it's something that he'll enjoy for several years.

So much to do and enjoy right now.
Here's hoping for a happy and healthy holiday season because ready-or-not...
It's here!

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